Our Services

Providing the golf course maintenance industry with the tools and knowledge required to be competitive today:

It is important to sequence our services and require that the client pay only services that they need and get.  Please review the following list of opportunities and feel free to contact us for additional information or a formal proposal. Thank you!

Architect Support Services: 

  Turfgrass selection 

  Pre-plant fertility planning 

  Planting and establishment consulting 

  Agronomic troubleshooting 

Development and Environmental Services: 

  Evaluation of consistency with the Golf & the Environment Principles
  Integrated pest management (IPM) programs
  Water conservation programs 

  Water quality control programs 

  Environmental stewardship planning 

Golf Course Infrastructure Planning Services: 
  Maintenance facility efficiency 

  Equipment selection 

  Irrigation system analysis 

  Drainage analysis

Administrative & Personnel Management Services:
  Purchasing programmes
  Labour requirement
  Job analysis and description
  Golf course maintenance budget development 
  Personnel selection and hiring procedures
  Personnel training
Golf Course Management Services:
  Agronomic programs
  Tournament preparation standards
  Golf course safety, and risk management
  General quality control
  Full maintenance outsourcing (if desired)
  Budget development
  Equipment analysis
  Golf course maintenance standards
  Landscape management
  Leadership training
  Long range planning
  Maintenance center review
  Maintenance department administration
  Personnel development